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Sander van der Velden

Who I am …

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My skills …
CAD/CAM Design
Can-do attitude

SCIFI OCD and its history

We start modding in 2010

Soon after building my first liquid cooled gaming computer back in 2010 I immediately fell in love with the art and dreamed up the USS Eurisko.

Because of you ..

The great many follwers and fans that liked the work and helped out with tips and comments on the forums I kept my buildlog I was able to complete the EURISKO and started thinking about the next builds.

And finally I have found .. 

My main passion. It does not lie in teh building of normal “box” style gaming computers but in studio scale scalemodel gaming rigs where i can go crazy on details and alternative shapes.

That’s why we are right here

23. APR
21. APR
And we did it
But then things started to move
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20. APR
We thought it was not going to be success
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New member in our team

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The beginning was really hard
DEC. 2011

I started right here

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