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SCIFI OCD – Modding Achievements

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Sander van der Velden aka ASPHIAX

Modding Achievements

USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class - 2011

Awards :

Bit-Tech.Net: Mod-Of-The-Month February 2011
Bit-Tech.Net: Mod-Of-The-Year Nominee 2011
Coolermaster Casemodding World Championship -  Honorary 2nd place

Coverage :

Bit-Tech.net Custom PC magazine
ModelMagic website
Maximum PC

Starting with a wooden mockup to see how big it needed to become to house all the hardware, I handcrafted a single piece of foam to the right dimensions and covered it with glassfiber epoxy resin. Then I made the reservoirs into the nacelles that can move upwards. The finishing touch was a green 20mw laser for the deflector beam.
Total work hours : +/- 800

Sponsors :

Many thanks to my sponsors for believing in my vision and helping a new modder get started!


Imperial AT-AT - 2012

Awards :

Xoxide: Build of the month - April 2012
Bit-Tech.Net: Mod-Of-The-Year Nominee 2012
The Party Lan 2012 - 3rd Place

Coverage :

+ 200 other sites

The AT-At started as a Hasbro 2010 toy I imported from the US. After much measurements and design work I made the insides empty to fit the complete liquidcooled computer.
The reservoir is located between the legs as the powerunit.
The head has 2 lasers that are comtrolled by a old dvd remote I hacked and can fire multiple patterns.

I had only one design criteria: No visible cables on the outside of the model. That was quite a challenge as I needed to route, network, monitor, liquid cooling tubing and power cables through the thin legs. Major challenge but I succeeded!

YAZI - Venator Class Star destroyer - 2016

Awards :

MSI Pro Mod Season 3 - 1st Place

Facebook Trending List - 2nd place 30-12-2015

Coverage :

Stan Lee - Marvel (article)
IGN - Interview @ CES 2016
PC-Gamer (article)
Intel facebook
Linus tech tips video
Simplify3D - Master Printer Interview
Facebook likes - 900.000 (counted so far)
Facebook shares - 58.500 (Counted so far)
+ 700 other sites

Specifics :

0.1 mm 3D Design
Laser cut Aluminum frame
3d Printed hull skin
Stainless Steel Stand
300 meters fiberoptic

After countless hours of design and preparation, the aluminum frame was cut, and painted. After that there was about 400 hours of printing involved to get all the details perfect. I used about 300 meters of fiber optic cabling to make all the lights really pop.
The best comment i got on the CES was that normally a mod becomes uglier the closer you get to it. Not this one!

The hardware inside has clearances of 3mm in some places, thats how tight the design was.
The top section with the bridge can easily be removed by disconnecting the lighting power cable to gain acces to the hardware for maintenance puposes.

It was a great honour to win the MSI PRO MOD Season 3 contest with a ship that had been in development for over 2 years.
I needed to upgrade my skillsets as i wasnt capable of building it in 2014, so I studied and worked with Laser cutter, 3D Printers and design tools to finally have it all come together and win!

Sponsors :

Many thanks to the sponsors!


TT-E Sports
Dutch Filaments

ISD KRAKEN - Leviathan Class Star Destroyer
- build in progress -

This ship has been in development for the past 4 years! Together with my customer I have designed a new line of Star Destroyer that is in adherence with the Star Wars Lore.
From details like power calculations for all the turrets to detail design matching what you would expect on a ship of her statute like lifepods, sensor arrays, missile launchers, service hatches, etc.

The ship is 100 inches long (254 cm) and 140 cm wide and is designed to be fixed on a stand.
It has to travel to Seattle USA around march 2021 to be installed on the customer location.
It will have room for 2 GPU, 2 reservoirs, ATX motherboard, 1200 watt PSU and is designed to be fully liquid cooled.

The radiator assembly will be : 1 x 180, 2 x 140, 2 x 120 and 2 x 92mm

The lighting will be part led foam wall and part LED fiber optic cabling.

The turrets will be fitted with 2 servo's that will control the barrels up and down and movement from left to right.

The T section of the superstructure can be easily removed to allow access to the hardware

Work will commence 1st of august 2020 and will consist of the following:
300 workhours (design, assemble and test)
2000 printhours

My customer is writing a novella for the ships !

But thats not all!
To prove it is possible to reproduce them, I will be building 2 ships in 1 go! One for Europe and one for the US.

Like with the Yazi, a custom media plan is designed to maximise coverage and encourage people to like, share and comment.

1. Like, Share SCIFI OCD facebook page and become a Storm Trooper or Officer aboard the ships.
(participants will get a automated mission statement email with printable (2d) certificate)
2. Using my journalism contacts from previous high profile mods.
3. Logs on several websites like Bit-Tech.net
(your forum can be added to the list)
4. Randomised posts in tech and str wars groups on facebook, instagram
5. Build videos of the ship will be made and posted on youtube


As the ships are very heavy (75kg) and extremely sturdy in design, they will be available for shows and demonstrations throughout the US and Europe.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring the 2 builds

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