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ISD KRAKEN – The Superstructure part 1

on February 15, 2021 Uncategorized with 0 comments

As always its starts with the 3d design. I needed a structure to be able to move around blocks of greebles and the side decks of the superstructure. After several revisions i came to this design that also allows me to easily route fiberoptic cable (well pmma actually) for the lighting plan. 


I can use this structure to place specific greeble blocks and maybe even swap them out for battledamaged ones if Chris wants to. Added the placeholders for the turrets in simple foam blocks to get a better feel for the relative sizes. 

Next part was designing the side and lower front decks. Especially the lower front deks were challenging as they deviate in angle and heigth in several different directions. Finally settled on a design where the slope of the 3dprinted part actually determined the angle of the decks. 


The support structures had to be sturdy enough to keep the weight, set the angle, keep the pitch, provide fixation points on the hull and allow for greeble plates to be inserted with fiberoptic cabling and leds ....

Does look pretty neat though if i may say so myself. 



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