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ISD Kraken – Ship layout

on August 10, 2020 ISD KRAKEN, Uncategorized with 0 comments

ISD Kraken - Ship Layout design

In designing the ship Spacec and I went all out. We actually analysed navel and aircraft carriers to get a better feel for how one would lay out the 3d printed greebles in a way that makes sense.
Had numerous design and discussion sessions on what we want to have, what the best locations would be and how the objects would not interfere with each other.
So far we had the following objects we wanted to place on the trench. If you can come up with something that would be cool to add, drop it in the comments!
- Cyrion Shield arrays
- Anti Stra Fighter point Defense missile launch clusters
- High Speed tracking AA cannons
- Thruster ports
- Hyper space triangulation / Sig-INT Sensor stations
- Life pods
- External repair Droid Stations
- Cooling ribs
- External Docking Ports

- Hanger bays

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