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ISD Kraken – Physical Model Update

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ISD Kraken : Physical Model Update

I couldn’t resist to grab a few sheets of MDF and throw a quick shape together. Just to see how it would be in real life. I might need bigger build room to be honest. In the top left corner you can see my first scalemodel gaming computer from 2011 – the USS EURISKO Intrepid MKII Class.







The top portion is a YAZI MKII KIT frame that I made. Its 160cm long but pales in comparison to the KRAKEN.






Its a big puppy and I do need to make sure that the scaling of the greebles is spot on.






My 2012 build the IMPERIAL AT-AT In the Background. Its decomissioned as I used the parts to build other pcs. I must get it to working condition again someday.






But for now I am so excited about this build and the immensity of it.

Lets continue with designing the superstructure.
Up Next : 0.1mm Design – The Superstructure




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