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ISD KRAKEN – Opening Post

on July 6, 2017 ISD KRAKEN with 0 comments


Hi Star Wars Fans,

I am back with a new build called the ISD KRAKEN. This one has to be completed before the opening of the “Last Jedi” on december 15th so I am not in a real rush and that will show in the level of detail I have committed myself to. This one has to be movie worthy and the design I will be working of is the Allegiance Class Stardestroyer by the great designer Fractalsponge. The design of this ship is great as it has several enhancements over the Imperial I and II that I find interestesting and will cover in the updates. The final build will be 1800mm long, 1120mm wide and feature a ATX motherboard with a 2 and capable of a 3 SLI setup which will be fully liquid cooled. More design specs will be made public as I progress in the project. (my personal pet projects Yazi MKII and DeathstarII projects will be on hold for the duration of this one)

I would like to invite you to join the creative design, print, lasercut and build process here and/or a select few buildlogs that I will be hosting. I hope you will find the work interesting and please tell your scifi friends about it 😉

Kind regards,


The Allegiance Class designs:



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