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ISD KRAKEN – Aluminum work update 2

on February 15, 2021 Uncategorized with 0 comments

Aluminum work update 2 - Superstructure

Finally the last parts of the aluminum work for the hull came in and I could put my trusted bender bench to work.
This structure will provide a good seperation between the plastics of the detailing and the PC cabin.
I added bend holes to the laser design for two reasons.
1. It bends the 2mm aluminum sheet much easier!
2. It creates a very clear demarcation point on where to actually bend the sheets.

Bending the smaller pieces was much easier. Finally we are getting a better idea on how visible the superstructure will be.

Finally the designs for the superstructure can be finalised now i have the exact measurements (bending by hand always gives tolerances)
The idea is to use a specially designed rib structure to support the "deck" structure and create a mounting structure for the greeble plates.

The ribs will be designed with holes that function as passthroughs for fiberoptic and servo controll cables.

The holes in back are for 2 x 80mm fans integrated in the rest of the superstructure body.
I needed a way to ventilate the remaining dirty air out of the pc cabin as much will be liquid cooled but there would still be warm air build up.
So the remaining warm air will be ventilated out through the Aft Deck Hangar bays!

But more on that in a later update!

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