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ISD KRAKEN – 0.1mm Design Update 003

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ISD Kraken : 0.1mm Design – The Superstructure

The superstructure will be a mixture of aluminum and 3dprinted parts. The aluminum walls will keep the warm air from reaching the printed material and provide stability for the hinge parts.
I used a simple boxmodel technique to create the structures and then aligned them with the designs.
The final results look like this. Funny how even a simple wireframe view gets my heart pumping.

YAZI VenatorThe superstructure has been designed to allow for a layer of greebles thats at least 10mm thick.
This will allow for enough depth in the views and will work nicely with the lighting. So again simple boxes that create the shape (and can be printed fast) and then cover them with very finely printed parts for the greebles.

ISD KRAKEN 2017The side view shows a lot of interesting lines that can be used for detailing. Its multilayer design that slope outward in different angles will provide some design challenges but seriously looking forward on designing them
The top part is an interesting piece where I will spend a lot of time getting it right as its one of the most recognisable parts of the ship. In this design I think we may need to orient the top part better to provide a more “leaning foward” feel of the ship. YAZI VenatorI found some very nice pictures of the studiomodels of the different ships and will be basing my design on them. Probably one of the only parts that will get a 100% accurate design as I plan to use my own greeble sets for the trenches


YAZI VenatorOne piece that caught our eye was the demarcation between main superstructure and the front superstructure. In our view the lines just dont add up. Maybe this is a effect from a dead side view as from the front and top is just perfect but it doesnt sit well with us.

YAZI VenatorThis is the layout as per the original design. Makes perfect sense if the superstructure was placed ontop of the hulls as a whole, but from the side the lines are not great.

YAZI VenatorSo we changed and designed a lot to get better lines but it wasnt easy. I spent several hours trying to come up with better lines but they all didnt work. This is the best way we could keep the great front and top view while providing a better view from the side. We may come back to this topic later when all the greebles are in place as that might provide a means of bettering the lines even more.  Up next : 0.1mm Design Changes


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