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ISD KRAKEN – 0.1mm Design update 002

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ISD Kraken : 0.1mm Design – The Lines of the ship

The lines of a ship are so important.
Ever seen a ship that you just like THE MOMENT you see it?
That moment when the primary brain just says; Insta-store this please!
And after that first exposure you start seeing the shapes everywhere?
Well maybe I am a bit nuts but so is it for me with most of the Star Wars ships at least lol.
But when I design a ship I always try to go a little deeper into what the ship is used for. Just by thinking about its application new ideas and design principles might arise that will provide more depth and potential a better feeling of “this ship could be real”
So the primary function for me of this ship, as I envision it in my mind,  is to be like a sharktooth that cuts through flesh or a defense line. You deploy this ship when you have to make sure you reach a specific target or location.
Heavy armour, Heavy armament, Full throttle, guns blazing … Imagine a fleet of 6 of these in attack formation. Impressive.

YAZI VenatorSo I mapped out the most important lines but lining them up with the primary metal hull as these would become a mixture of aluminum case wall or greeble structure that would have to fit at 0.2mm accuracy.

ISD KRAKEN 2017Aftter mapping most of the lines, creating ribs and structure points I came to the conclusion that something was off. At first i thought it were the front superstructures but it was the entire superstructure itself.

YAZI Venator

The variance was very low but for a ship of 86 inch or 2.2 meter the variance was substantial. Like around 10mm. So we opted to follow the lines of the hull meaning the backside of the superstructure will be 1o mm lower then on the fractalsponge designs and provide a more streamlined feel. I am keeping the option open to change it back to original though for any effect the greebles might have that we cannot predict right now.


YAZI VenatorHere is the final result of the the hull change. Its hardly visible but the superstructure is now totally aligned with the ships hull. So now we have the basic shapes and alignments and such I couldnt resist and had to get a feel for the ship outside the 3d realm.
Up next : Physical model mockup 

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