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ISD KRAKEN : 0.1mm Design Update 001

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ISD Kraken : 0.1mm Design – The Basics

ISD KRAKEN 2017Once the model was properly setup I could plot the hulls, setup the base angles and aligne the pictures as fine as possible. The hull has two primary functions. One as support of the skin that provides greeble support and  armour patterns but also one as the primary encasing of the hardware.

YAZI VenatorI will be using 3 mm and 2 mm aluminum sheets that I will lasercut to specification and bend. In between that I will design the trenchwall that will be the base for the lighting and trench greebling. The bottom part will be fused with the trenchwall and provide the structural support needed for the stand.


We also had to figure out where the main hardware area would come as it had to have a way of being removed so you would be able to get to the hardware easy
YAZI Venator
Liquid cooling requires maintenance so all the components would have to have some way of access. Structurally it would be best to remove the whole superstructure but that is a large part you’d  have to remove.

YAZI Venator


So we settled on the yellow line as that piece would also provide a great place to place a hinge type structure. From a lightplan perpective it ìs also better as you would not have to disconnect anywhere. Up next : 0.1mm Design – The Lines of the ship


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